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Seeing real, lasting change for your cause isn't just a dream, it's a necessity. But for small nonprofits like yours, the path to effective advocacy can feel daunting. Limited staff, tight budgets, and navigating the complexities of policy and decision-making can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start.

With the right tools, knowledge, and support, you can make a powerful difference, even with limited resources. Let's work together to turn your passion for change into lasting impact for your cause.


Hi! I'm Janelle Greenlee (aka Nellie Green) and I'm a public policy specialist with a proven track record of success in advocacy and policymaking. I've led efforts to shape policies at global, national, and state levels and have created and implemented effective advocacy training programs. I've also had the privilege to collaborate with federal and state agencies on impactful public health initiatives, serving on all sides of the legislative experience as a legislative author, analyst, and sponsor. I've organized successful advocacy events in Washington D.C. and multiple state capitols, empowering nonprofit organizations (and their volunteers!) to advocate for causes that matter to their communities. If you share my dedication to advocacy, policy development, or any of the issues I'm committed to, please get in touch--I look forward to exploring opportunities for collaboration and positive change together!

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Issue Identification and Research

Legislative Strategy and Advocacy 

Community and Coalition Building

Advocacy Training and Tools


International Consensus Publication

in the Lancet Medical Journal

Participated in the International Congenital Cytomegalovirus Recommendations Group, convened in 2015 to provide recommendations for CMV prevention, diagnosis, and treatment which were later published in the Lancet medical journal

International Consult

Referral Program

Revolutionized access to prenatal and neonatal care worldwide by connecting parents with renowned CMV clinical experts and research centers through an online consultation and treatment referral program

Global Policy Survey

Collected data on CMV education and screening protocols through a survey of medical professionals and researchers in 24 countries representing diverse regions and healthcare systems


CDC Education

Material Development

Launched the multi-year advocacy effort towards the CDC's development of branded CMV education materials geared towards medical professionals and pregnant women, worked extensively with CDC staff until their realization and cross-clearance agency approved distribution

Built Nationwide

Advocacy Infrastructure

Created advocacy training programs and corresponding materials, then facilitated their adoption by activist networks across the country, targeting policymakers with critical information about CMV

Federal Universal Newborn Screening Nomination

Gathered research and guided the creation of a multidisciplinary team of clinical and policy experts, culminating in the submission of the first CMV Recommended Uniform Screening Panel (RUSP) application to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)


State Health

Department Trainings

Facilitated the professional development of state health department personnel from multiple states contrasting legislative mandates and agency stakeholder approaches to health education and screening initiatives, provided advocacy training to enable departmental development, prioritization, and internal promotion of CMV programs

California Employment

Leave Legislation

Directed the strategy and successful passage of the nation's most bipartisan Reproductive Loss Leave bill, garnering vocal support from both sides of the aisle and ultimately securing the Governor's signature

Legislative Hearing Coordination

Facilitated the presence and participation of CMV families, clinicians, and experts as both specialized witnesses and public commenters at Sacramento legislative hearings


Universal Basic

Income (UBI) Panel

Convened and guided a diverse panel of state and county policymakers, non-profit leaders, and young adults impacted by foster care to delve into Santa Clara County's innovative UBI program, designed to support transitional-age youth leaving the system

Empowering Local

Women Advocates

 Facilitated community engagement with local women's organizations by coordinating interactive workshops on California's legislative process, focusing on safe and strategic involvement for nonprofits and their volunteers


Student Pedestrian

Safety Awareness

Led outreach to state policymakers and stakeholders to voice concerns about a San Jose development plan's inadequate traffic safety studies, particularly for underserved high school student pedestrians and cyclists


"I have worked on the development of cytomegalovirus vaccines for years, during which I have met many lay people interested in the subject. Janelle Greenlee is one of the most impressive among those. She has worked tirelessly on the personal level and with regard to legislation to ease the burden of parents who have a child affected by the virus, and has been an effective speaker at meetings. Janelle is clearly a success in her endeavors."

Stanley A Plotkin, MD
Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania

Author of "Vaccines" (standard medical reference)

“Every person can make a difference, and every person should try.” 
- John F. Kennedy

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